Monday, 28 January 2013

Are you an entrepreneur?

Many people will answer no to this question. However, if you have a desire to solve problems for people, or meet the needs and wants of people in any way using your potentials at community or national level, then you are an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are people who desire to use their potentials to create systems, solutions and products to help humanity everywhere they are in life. They create what they want to create in exchange for what they want—reward. Their desire to solve problems or help others does make them out-of-box thinkers. They think beyond the conventional of life. This way of thinking does make them creators and actors. Does this looks like you?
The voice of destiny
Do you like your job? Do you cry daily when going to work? Do you feel disgusted when at work, yet you are not lazy person? Do ideas often come to you often? If you find yourself in this position, then try understanding that it is purpose that is calling you to higher grounds, and you need to respond. Not responding to this call will eventually bring misery, sadness and regret at last to your life. If you will like to know how true this is, please try asking dying old people and you will get what I mean.
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