Sunday, 20 January 2013


When the trees are many, why stay under and on trees that bear no fruits When there are many houses and lands, why stay in tents When towns exist, why stay in one place and suffer poverty and diseases? Man changes circumstances, not circumstances changing man Man changes environment, not environment changing man Arise, conquer fear and dictate to circumstances and situations, else will they dictate to you War against circumstances, not mankind Turn ammunitions into tractors Turn ideas into books and businesses for benefit to all Turn anger into laughter Turn heaviness into smile and songs Turn the turbulent waters to calm waters Turn troubles into peace Arise and do yours part! For me, my world will I create and live in Others will I help to be better, not bitter, And, in my greater places will I walk. Down down, down, never again Up up up, ever and forever Yes, for spaces abounds at the top; down is crowded. Progress, victory and virtue will be mine Retrogression, I refuse forever Human dignity will I help to enhance whilst am in time And when my end comes, in peace will I go my way. Arise with me; to fight impediments of our world Arise with me; to deal with shackles entangling humanity Arise with me; to battle against poverty and famine facing families Arise with me; to clear and uproot obstacles and barriers of progress Arise with me; to deal with limitations of the mind. Together we can, it is possible Divided, we can't. All we need is wisdom, virtue and unity The enemies within do we need to conquer, for they prevent progress. Such are; pride of heart, offences that create fences and barriers in between us, hatred, malice, killing, stealing, greed, fighting and likes. These, if we deal with We will make our world better, not bitter and progress will come our ways. Shop Amazon - Super Bowl Event

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