Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Why are some films in series? In fact, there are some films that people have been watching for years, yet the film story has not ended. Think about a film like the beautiful. That is baiting. They always want to keep people watching, so the film never ends.
Many writers too use the same or similar method to make people read their stuff. Not only that, many manufacturers too use similar system to make people buy their goods. Think about software. We use to have word 97; however, today we have different versions. In fact, it is not that the old version is bad, the truth is they want people to buy to enable them obtain money. So, they often modify the old stuff a bit, and then sell it. And, if you refuse to get the new stuff, there will come a time that your stuff will be outdated and useless to the world.
Not only this, manufacturers can make stuff that can last for a very long time, however, they will not make it, cause they want you to always come back to them. Our world is full of this and other stuff. In fact, we live in a world full of manipulations, so open your mind as you open your eyes. If not you may end up in a mess.
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