Saturday, 5 January 2013

Be a people’s person

A people’s person is a person who helps to meet the needs of others and helps them solve their problems in times of needs. Think about a person like Jesus who came to save mankind. Think about people like Mother Theresa, martin Luther King Jr., etc. I want you to note the word ‘needbecause it is different from the word ‘want’.

 People’s person or persons have some very special abilities and these can be learned by anyone of us. The first thing is that, people’s person are people who knows how to connects with people and influence. The second thing about them is they know how to communicate perfectly. They are concise and precise.

The third thing about them is they love and care for others. Fourth, they are and empathic. Fifth thing is they are bold and fearless. Sixth thing is they are always available to help in the needs of others. To them, it is others first. Are you a people’s person?

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