Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beware what you eat

Watch what you eat, because we are hat we eat. We live in a world full of manipulation to exploit. In fact, that is what many do. The craft their manipulations after knowing the weakness of their targets. Believe it or not, i have to come to know that many people eat many food because it is tasty, and not because it is nutritional. The tycoons in the food industries, knowing this, are today supplying junky foods all over the world for people to buy and eat. Think about genetic modified foods. Why do they produce such foods? Simply, they want to make money and knows that many do not know what they eat—they eat because of taste. No wonder lots of cancer all over. Think about sugar. How many doctors to tell their hypertension patients that sugar is no good for them? Few, and many do not—they only talk about the danger of salt. How many doctors do tell men that sugar is not good for their reproductive health? Few. Many people not knowing this spend money on sugars, without knowing they are buying unhealthy stuffs for their body. Most of the things we spend money on and call food, are foodless foods. It is therefore time to differentiate these foodless foods from food to enable us buy foods that are good for us. The best way to knowing is to learn. Please learn to know what many describe as food; and select foodless foods from your food. The key to better life is knowing the truth. Knowing the truth is the key to deliverance from bondage. Let’s be alert and wise.

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