Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dr Otabil

"..All problems have a life cycle and an expiry date. Keep your perspectives right.. "
" Reacting to the provocation of your opponent, limits you to the
emotions he allows you to express" Pastor Mensa Otabil

" Those who constantly complain about the toughness of the question,
never discover the toughness of the brains and the creativity of their
minds" Pastor Mensa Otabil

"True freedom and equity is not gained through violence, but through a
committed and consistent struggle against your own limitations "
Pastor Mensa Otabil

"God does not accept from us what HE gave to us in the same state as it
was when HE gave it to us. When God gives us talents, HE only
recognizes and commends the value we add to it" Pastor Mensa Otabil

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