Saturday, 26 January 2013

Everybody is an entrepreneur in Africa

Back when I was a child around six, we use to collect mangoes from the farms to sell. In fact, I remember saving lots of money as a child through that. Later on, when I was my parents in Nigeria, I did helping my mother to sell lots of donuts and even got other two children to help us sell on commission basis.
Everybody in Africa has involved in a form of entrepreneurship before. So, what Africans entrepreneurs need are polishing their entrepreneurship skills, managerial skills and marketing skills, without which things will be progress will not come. In fact, it is in the management aspect that makes many Africans to fail in their entrepreneurship activities.
Having come to know this, I will suggest that wanna be great entrepreneurs should be trained and helped to think holistically and in new horizons. This is the best way forward in Africa. The truth is, many people do know what to do and should be helped to do those things better and excel through better understanding.
In my view, many in the developing world are where they are because of some basic understandings that they lack. If these people should be enlightened to have these understandings, they will move from mediocrity to greatness and have a better life.
My call therefore is a call to help African entrepreneurs become better by increasing their knowledge and understandings, thereby helping them to look into new horizons of their field.
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