Wednesday, 9 January 2013


The only goodness about capitalism is that, it makes people think and and feel that they are free and have rights. This freedom and right are known as micky mouse freedom. It is making people slaves without knowing. If indeed capitalist wants people to be free, why did they suppress the technology of Brother Nicola Tesla, which is aimed at making people have free energy. Today, the same capitalists have made solar energy famous, saying it green and the best for our environment; and have made billions to believe something that only last not beyond 30 years, yet with heavy investments. My question is, if they really claim WANTING to help, why are they not teaching people magnetic energy--energy that only uses magnets that last. Cars can function without petrol, gas. Cars can be made to function with water. Magnets can power cars, but these are not allowed because they want to manipulate and exploit humanity. Ohh babylon, your time is coming(Revelation 18). All that you swallowed through manipulation will be vomited. Satan is the engineer behind capitalism. People, open your eyes.

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