Saturday, 5 January 2013


·        Leadership without any vision or transformation is not leadership.

·        Leaders are ladders. Jesus Christ is our ladder. He is the ladder to heaven—the ladder that Jacob saw.

 A leader is a visionary(inspired) and enlightened(knowledgeable and wise) person who goes on to use the inspired vision to transform, reform, convert, invert, regenerate and advocate to bring a change in a world.

 A transformer is a changer, modifier for betterment. To understand transformation, we need to understand how an electric transformer works. Without any dictionary, a transformer is a system that makes higher electric current to be fit for use by many gadgets—small or great. This means, the transformer changes the power to befit.

 Similarly, transformation in leadership does not mean changing human beings into angels. It only means, helping them to change their world view, vision, etc to enable them advance in their world.

In fact, without electricity transformer, electric currents can do a great harm in life. Similarly, without a transforming leader human potentials can cause damage to their holders as it is happening in many parts of the world where people are knowledgeable, but the knowledge is of no use, and it is used to manipulate, exploit and destroy.


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