Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Looking beyond

For any person that wants to live, eating and eating well are must. People who want effective results from exercising do exercise daily. They know that exercising only a day does not bring any effective results. In fact, the principles for making it in life are everywhere. However, it requires the eyes of an eagle to see them. In fact, the possession of our territories will only be possible through hard work. Success cannot be achieved without work. In fact, it is only in the dictionary that success comes first before work as it is said. Another truth is, progress cannot be possible without some pain or inconvenience—after knowing what we desire, we need to go and pay for it. Not wanting to pay the price will make the thing to be denied from us by natural laws of God. If this is true, then we need to always look beyond. We need to look beyond circumstances, comforting zones, barriers and keep on moving forward. When God showed Abraham the land, what Abraham saw was a forest. With faith and work Abraham turned it into farms and later that place became cities. We are transformers by the wiring of God. That is what part of our dominion is all about. When God gives us a land, he expects to see a city, farm and nations. Think about the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The servants were given few talents by their lord to multiply, not just to keep. God gave Adam work soon after creating him, and he did. Not turning something around for better and best is moving against God’s plan; hence we need to look beyond whatever we have. In the bible, there are many great stories of people looking beyond and turning things around or shaping things. The Lord Jesus Christ turned water into wine. He also turned illiterates to leaders. He did preach only in Israel, but went beyond the boundaries to Samaria. One of the greatest keys to progress in life is to look beyond. Please look beyond and God will help and bless you. Shop Amazon - Super Bowl Event

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