Friday, 18 January 2013


It is sad when people learn and yet and yet remain like they have not learned anything indeed. Such are the people who walk through knowledge, but do not allow knowledge to go into them.
In ancient Egypt, Africans did focus on voodoo, magic and peasant farming. In fact, when it came to making the future better, it was a Hebrew that helped. Had it not been this Hebrew boy Egypt might have been destroyed by famine. I believe that it was this time that the pyramid was built. I think it was built to store food.
Many years after the Israelites have left Egypt, the people continued their crude way of doing things and that made the Arabs to drive them away and claim Egypt. Egypt belonged to the Nubians and not the Ishmaelites as many have been saying. In fact, this invasion of the ishmealites went throughout the coast of the Mediterranean, hence today we have countries like Morocco, Tunisia. The only country the Arabs could not conquer was Ethiopia; now Sudan. However, their influences brainwashed some of the people and brought in division till date.
Africans have always had leaders. But history reveals that, most of these leaders existed for their personal interest—only a few existed for the interests of their people. These self and personal interests were the keys to slavery and selling of lands that brought about apartheid in South Africa. Before the westerners, Arabs were those that initiated slavery. They exchanged dates and spices for human beings.
The sad truth is, most of these self interests were geared towards foolish gains—they exchanged human beings for drinks, mirrors, cigarettes, salt, sugar etc. Soon after the abolishment of slavery colonialism came to play. After colonialism, Africa then became independent. The question is, looking at the resources Africa is having and looking at their achievement; what progress has Africa made after colonialism?
In my view, during the colonial days poor Africans lived better than when there is independence. Think about South Africa; life was better during the apartheid days than now. Watch this video:
The truth is, the self interests that made African leaders are still the same spirit playing. Hence, though Africa has the richest resources, yet it is still poor and every day, it is begging. In fact, greedy self interests have made Africa to be more than 100 years behind in development.
This makes me to ask: what are the purpose knowledge and the wisdom many in big positions claim to have? What is the purpose of schooling if the schooling does not solve problems, but create problems? What is the purpose of money if it exists not to help people, but to be stolen and kept in banks by foolish people? It saddens my heart to know that Africa is now on sale. Chinese are buying Africa and that will be more than apartheid.
In fact, the little retail jobs of poor Africans are being taken over by Chinese—is this wisdom? Are the leaders really living in the interests of their people? Well, let conscience help you to answer that. However, I have a cry and fear for the unborn poor children to come who may end up becoming slaves in their own land. In fact, if Jesus did not come soon, there is a great danger for the continent Africa’s people. May the lord deliver Africa through selfless and sacrificial leaders. Amen
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