Monday, 21 January 2013

The power of understanding

The bible has made it clear that in the end times knowledge shall increase (Daniel 12:4). In fact, this prophecy has come true today. The increase in knowledge has brought about understanding to mankind. This increase in understanding is that which is fuelling lots of evil instead of good. In fact, it the increase in knowledge and understanding that has brought about lots manipulation and exploitation in our world. Think about this; I am a writer that writes fluently. I am able to write because I know how to combine words to bring up some meaning. Having great understanding in words can make me to use words to inspire others or manipulate others. However, Jesus has taught me to do what pleases Him, so I use words to help, not to ruin. However, outside there, there are lots who use their understanding in their field to ruin and reign. How you ever wondered why Jesus Christ went into the temple to drive the sellers away? The Lord did that, because they used their understanding to ruin the finances of others instead of helping.
God created us to reign over nature using the power of understanding. He did not create us to have understanding to rule our fellow human beings. However, that is what is happening today. Instead of the king to use his understanding to help people live better, he prefers to use it for his benefit and leave others to suffer. This is not the desire and the will of God.
Truthfully, understanding exists to help us reign over the world and circumstances, not to reign over the lives of others as it being done today. Using understanding to reign over the lives of others—creating problems rather than creating solutions to and for them is witchcraft. In fact, every manipulation or exploitation over another person is a form of witchcraft. When the bible talks about Babylon in Revelation 18, it is not a reference to any city. It is in fact, a reference to a system—the system through which the worldly obtain their wealth. To understand this, try reading about the history of Zacheus before he converted and how the Babylonians make their riches.
The call of the Lord to surrender our understanding
We exist to please the Lord and nothing else. So, whatever understanding we have must be used to please the Lord. Think about Peter and his crew; they had understanding in fishing and the Lord called them to use it to serve God and others. Paul the Apostle had a great understanding of the law, and God called him to use it to explain mysteries unknown. Zaccheus’ skills, like the finance skills of Barnabas benefitted the early church people. Also, David’s fighting and shepherding skills, like the skills of Joseph was used to deliver a nation.
In fact, whatever understanding we obtain must be used to serve others and not to manipulate them like robots because of greed. So, dear, think about it and God will give you the grace to use your understanding to help others like Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
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