Saturday, 5 January 2013


 There are two main things that drive people in life. The first reason is need, and the other is a search for or importance. However, the truth is importance cannot be found where very many people on earth are searching for it.
Think about tomatoes or oranges. They do not search for importance but they obtain it. In fact, we spend our times and money on them because they are important.

 The simple answer is, they are in their purpose of service. This means, when we search to know our purposes and walk into fulfilling that purpose we automatically become important without struggling for it. So, getting or becoming important does not depend on our monies or high education. Becoming important comes when we walk into our purpose and serve. Jesus Christ knew this, hence he told his disciples who want to be the greatest to serve (Matthew 20:26).

 This principle is what mankind need today. Not knowing this is making many to do evil; thinking it is the key to importance. Think about why many religious people go around fighting and killing others. Think about why the fashion industry makes millions from people. Think about why people scramble for positions in the world. The answer behind is importance; and it can only be obtained through service.

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