Sunday, 20 January 2013

What Are You Doing with Your Potentials?

A very famous Ghanaian singer did sing a song, using a cow and a goat; and for me, this song means a lot. According to the singer, one day, a goat saw a cow been dragged by someone to the slaughter house. The goat being worried about the situation began to talk to the cow, but none of its talk yielded fruit. The moment the goat saw the cow, the goat angrily said, "cow, why are you behaving so dull as if you have no strength? Don't you know that where they are taking you to is a dangerous place?" Cow, the goat said, they are going to kill you and eat, so you need to shake yourself and free yourself before it is too late. But the cow responded, moooooooo. The goat sadly said, cow, am really disappointed in you, because you have failed your strength. The goat nodded its head and continues to eat its grass in unhappiness for seeing potential under waste. After a few minutes, when the goat saw a car passing with the meat of the cow he talked to, he wept. After weeping, the goat said to itself, I wish I had strength like that of cow to display to man, but Hmmm, life. The story of the goat and the cow does remind me of a true story a minister (Dr Mensah Otabil) once told in his preaching. The minister said, he counselled a woman who was not obtaining profit in her business. The mistake of the woman was she goes out to buy things at higher prices and sell them at cheaper prices, yet she does not know why she is not making profit. The story seems incredible, yet it is true. Life is like trading. The question is what are we trading our potentials for? Are we trading them for great things, or we are trading them for lesser things. Well, the truth is, we need to learn how to negotiate. Learning how to negotiate will help us to sell and sell better. However, never trade great things for lesser prices. Shop Amazon - Super Bowl Event

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