Friday, 25 January 2013

Where is the Independence

I recently asked if Africa is indeed and really independent as we Africans claim and profess? Well, every person will answer this question depending on his or her own world view. Whatever the outlook is, let’s consider looking at some few things about independent nations.
Characteristics of independent nations
My little experiences teaches me that independent nations are producers not only of raw materials, but also of finished goods. Secondly, they do not go around for years begging for loans and looking for grants. Another thing is, they have health facilities to cater for any sickness. Their leaders need not to always travel to other nations for cure of heart problems and other related sickness. Finally, they have vision and do make sure to follow the vision forward to its materialisation.
In my view, any nation that is on the negative side of the above said is not independent. If they claim to be, then they are independent dependent.
My next questions are, why are nations independent, and yet are dependent?
The answer is, this is possible when the individuals in the nation do not have a clear meaning of what independence is and practice it in their lives. I think that for Africa to be independent, independence must be taught at home and in schools as a subject.
Recently, someone sent me a friend request on facebook. The following day, the person did ask me to tell her about me. Well, I told her “all I am is on my page”. Secondly, I made the person to know that she is the one who should tell me about herself before asking me who I am.
The next day when I went to facebook to put my pieces on my wall, I saw in my message that, this person had sent me a message requesting money for her school fees. Well, I cancelled the mail and did not mind subsequent messages again. The question here is, why did this person ask for money from me? One because I am in Europe and in Europe money flows—wrong mindset. Secondly, this person was not taught how to be independent in life. If she had been taught, she would not have asked a stranger for money I think. If such a person should become a president one day, begging will not be a hard this for her. This is because, in her mindset, begging is normal and it is the way forward for Africans.
The sad thing is, this lack of independence mindset is that which is fuelling corruption and bribery. The truth is, it is people who are not independent in life that takes bribes and yet consider it as normal. People who are independent see it as an abuse of self image. They see it as an insult on their potential; hence will dare not try.
I believe that, the way forward for Africa is to back to the basics. That is to understand who we are as human beings, what we are here for and what is expected of us as people. If Africa should make many to grab this truth, many Africans will value themselves and value life and lives, which will then lead to independence and better life. Hey, remember, this is just an outlook. God bless you.
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