Friday, 22 February 2013

What we we constantly affirm has power to shape our destination. God told Joshua to meditate upon the word day and night and also make sure it does not depart out of His mouth.
Affirmation can be divided into two; confession with our mouth and self talk(inner conversation).
Our faith is propelled greatly by our inner confession(meditation).
Peter bean to sink on the water cause he changed his nnner confession and that brought fear.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Improving our filters

The book of proverbs begins with lots of advice to obtain wisdom, knowledge and truth. The question is, why these advices? The truth is, we filter life through our experiences, knowledge etc. So, if our experiences, knowledge are weak, bad and faulty, our filters will be faulty and we will look at life badly and do wrongs. However, if our filters are good, strong and blended with wisdom, we will filter things correctly, make good decisions and choices. God knowing this truth told Joshua to meditate upon the word. By this, God was helping Joshua to have good and great filters (Joshua 1:8). In fact, having wrong filters are the reasons for lots of sufferings and struggles in life (my people perish for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6). Let us increase improve our filters by learning from God and wise men that feared God.

Above my name: you are not your name

When we talk about identification, what comes into the mind of people are; names, faces, and where we come from. The truth is, all these three speak little about us. Think about Jesus Christ, many tried defining Him through His earthly family. What they never knew was that He was more than what they thought. Our real identity is not connected to the names that were given to me. If I do try in any way to connect my identity to my names, I will limit myself rather than help myself. My names help people to connect with me in many ways, but it is not my identity as society has made us to see it. Names help. They tell a lot, but not all. If names tell all, names will then predict the outcome from the start. When Moses asked God to tell him His name, God told him I AM THAT I AM. He is not predictable and He is beyond a name or some names. In the bible, we have few of His names based upon what He did. In fact, He has endless names, and these are revealed through His acts. The truth is, it is the God-given potentials in us that do reveal our true identity and not names given to us. At times some names are prophetic as in the case of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, etc. In them, their names did reveal a little about them but not all. Aside, most of us carry names that do not reveal our truest identity, and have bowed to those names, because we think we are those names. The truth is, our potentials are what tell our real personality. They are the ones that define us. Therefore we need to awaken to the call of our potentials. This will help us go beyond our names, culture and fulfil God’s purpose for our lives.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What do you value?

It is our values that shape our decision and choices. Our values predetermine and determine our destination. What are your values? Are they ideal indeed? In life, as I walk daily and write, people will definitely see my values and what I really value as a person. If I value money above God, it will be seen in my relationship with Him by many. If I value flirt about my wife, it will be seen and known one day. If I happen to be a politician and place money above my service, people will find me taking bribes and engaging in corrupt activities. Judas Iscariot did value money above his relationship with Jesus, and it became known. Beyond that, the wrong values and value he had lead him to hell whilst members of his crew made it to heaven. I believe that in life, we need to good values. These good values will make us to value life and add more to life in a significant way. This all that dominion is about—adding to life (ADDING GOODNESS TO WHAT GOD HAS MADE). website translator plugin Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Tool Silver Prices

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Very many have gone through rejection in their lives and many are still going through rejection. Well, whether you are in or have gone through, I have a simple message for you.
For many people, they think that being rejected means they are failures or nobodies. This is not true. Often in life, you can be rejected because of what you have—that is when people who dislike you see that your potential is greater than they—such people do that because they think that you are a threat to their future—wrong conception. Think about the story of Joseph—he was rejected because of his dreams, and the daddy’s love. However, rejection made him to learn from the school of life and grew to become great like Jephtah in the book of Judges.
Joseph did not weep, grumble nor destroyed his life because of rejection. He remained who he is—faithful; and kept on with his life until the appointed time of God.
Dear, the truth is, you will forever face rejection once in a while. Should you encounter this, you need to reflect a little. After reflecting, if it happens that you have done no wrong, please get over the issue and move on, because there is a future for you in Christ.
Look, when a tape rejects a cassette, it does not mean that the cassette is empty and should be dumped. Also when a CD player rejects a CD, it does not mean that the CD is empty or valueless. Most often, you will find out that, it is because the machine itself is outmoded.
Once upon a time, someone who was vomiting ate and ended up vomiting the food. This means, that the problem was not with the food but the person. Similarly, for no cause we will face lots of rejects as we go because many will not like or understand us. Should this happen to you, please do not sink into sadness. Instead use that to turn your life around. Remember, it was after being unemployed that Jeff Bezos came out with
Please don’t allow rejection to press you down, instead use rejection as a means to press on. God bless you.
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Serving our purposes

Anything that does not serve the purpose for which it is made is valueless and useless. In fact, it is the service that makes the thing valuable and important. Without it, it is valueless. For example, if I have money and the money does not serve me, that money is useless—in fact, it is the same thing as not having money.
I believe that we need to be like time which exists to serve its purposes without fear of anything or anyone. The moment we enter into our mothers’ womb it starts its work and makes sure to finish. That is diligence. The truth is, we all have purposes and need to strive to fulfil these purposes, or else life will be meaningless instead of it being meaningful. website translator plugin Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Tool Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

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