Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What do you value?

It is our values that shape our decision and choices. Our values predetermine and determine our destination. What are your values? Are they ideal indeed? In life, as I walk daily and write, people will definitely see my values and what I really value as a person. If I value money above God, it will be seen in my relationship with Him by many. If I value flirt about my wife, it will be seen and known one day. If I happen to be a politician and place money above my service, people will find me taking bribes and engaging in corrupt activities. Judas Iscariot did value money above his relationship with Jesus, and it became known. Beyond that, the wrong values and value he had lead him to hell whilst members of his crew made it to heaven. I believe that in life, we need to good values. These good values will make us to value life and add more to life in a significant way. This all that dominion is about—adding to life (ADDING GOODNESS TO WHAT GOD HAS MADE). website translator plugin Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Tool Silver Prices

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