Monday, 11 March 2013

Ghanaian Names 2

Baako Girl African The first born Baba Girl African Thursday born Badu Boy African Tenth Boahinmaa Girl African She has departed... Bobo Boy African On tuesday born Coujoe Boy African Monday Born Do Girl African First-born after... Dofi Girl African Second-born afte... Donkor Boy African One whom is humble Ebo Boy African Tuesday born Efia Girl African Born on Friday Enam Boy African A gift from god Enyonyam Girl African Pleasant to me Esi Girl African Sunday born Fenuku Boy African Born past term Fifi Both Hebrew He will enlarge Gyasi Boy African One who is wonde... Jojo Both African Monday born Kakra Girl African Youngest of twins Kodwo Boy African Monday Born Kofi Boy African Born on a Friday Kojo Boy African Monday Born Adeben Boy African The twelfth born Adika Boy African First child from... Adio Girl African Born on Monday; ... Adofo Boy African Brave warrior Adom Boy Hebrew Man; earth Adowa Girl African Born on Tuesday Adusa Boy African The thirteenth b... Adwoa Girl African Born on Monday Adzo Girl African On monday born Afafa Girl African First baby conce... Afryea Girl African Born at a time o... Afua Both Swahili Mercy, protection Agyei Boy African Messenger of God Agyeman Boy African Born fourteenth Agymah Boy African He who leaves hi... Akosua Girl African Given life on Su... Akua Girl African Born on a Wednesday... Akwete Girl African The eldest of twin... Akwetee Boy African Youngest twin Akwokwo Girl African Youngest of twins Ama Girl Native Ame... Water Ampah Boy African Trust Anane Boy African The fourth son Ankoma Boy African Last born Antobam Girl African Child born after... Anum Boy African The fifth born Ata Both African Twin Atsu Boy African Youngest of twins Atu Boy African Saturday born Awotwe Boy African Born eighth Kontar Boy African Only child Kufuo Boy African The father share... Kukua Girl African Wednesday born Kunto Girl African Third-born child Kwabena Boy African Tuesday born Kwakou Boy African Given life on wednesday. Kwaku Boy African Born on a Wednesday

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