Tuesday, 12 March 2013


There are many towns and cities in the world. Since we cannot divide our body into many parts, we need to be in one city at a time. For example, I cannot be in New York and at the same time be in Rome. So, every time I desire to travel I need to figure out clearly the city I want to go to, then prepare and use the means(leg, horse, bicycle, motor, car, ship, train, aeroplane) to get there. This illustration does teach me something. The lesson is, we need to do one thing at a time—focus on one goal at a time. Very many people are where they are because, they crowd things—i want to do that, this, be that and that etc. This eventually makes them to be confused, go round and round and miss the opportunity of time. Time is an opportunity. If it is not, all the dead will have been here. You are here today, because you are opportune—it is your time and turn. So, be tuned else circumstances will tune and turn you round and make you hope less. The truth unknown to many is, we all have lots of desires. These numerous desires of ours are what make many to crowd things—wanting to kill three birds with one stone. However, this crowding of things is not the way to greater achievement. It does not bring progress at all. The way to progress is to tackle and target one thing at a time. The principle is visible in nature—one leg at a time even when walking. If you want to move two legs at a time, you will not go far because you will get tired soon or fall down.

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