Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Be content

I am black. I am from Africa. I was grew up in a little village. I grew up through thick and thin to be here. This is me. Whether I like it or not, it is true. I cannot change my history. However, I can change the future using my present. Very many people go through life brooding over their bad past and waste lots of time, which they could have used to do better things. This hinders their progress. I am who I am. I love it and have accepted it. If I decide to change my looks, nose, it will only mean that am deceiving myself. Come what may, I am forever black. I thank God for creating me black. Indeed, I make a difference in life. My being helps the world in many ways'"I beautify it. If all were to be black or white, there will not exist any harmony. God created us differently to bring harmony and beauty into His creation. You were created to bring harmony. In fact, seeking to change yourself, looks will only lead to frustration. My message to you is, accept God, yourself, love, and things will be ok.

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