Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Being Careful with Promises

Very many people do like to bite what they cannot chew. Very many people do say lots that they cannot do. In fact, there is a great gap between the doing and the saying. Another thing is, human beings are humus'"anything can happen to them from now. Someone can give you a promise and die in the next minutes. So, dear beware of this and be careful with promises. Over and over, the bible has warned that we should not put our trust in people. This does not mean that we should not trust people. What the bible is saying, we must be careful with where we fix our hearts. Imagine someone promising you some amount of money for business; and you rejected all the opportunities that came your way for this reason, but at last you were denied the money. What will you do? You will be mad and angry, right or wrong? It because of such reasons that you do not need to put your trust in promises. If someone gives you a promise, accept it, but never put your whole man in it. This is because if the person does not fulfil the promise it can lead you into disaster and mess. Another thing is we all have promising future I believe. Though this is true, we need not to put our whole soul in the future. This is because the promising future may never be what we once expected. Kingdoms and economies are falling, and many will still fall. Great business will be collapsing to give room to others. The truth is we cannot precisely predict what will happen to us in the next few minutes. For this reason, I please encourage you not to put your trust in people and wealth so much. I have seen people who went and died because of debt or lost. I have seen people who have hurt others because they once promised and failed them. People die of heart attacks because of promises. The truth is, these are parts of the ups and downs of life. Prepare for them, because the preparation will help make the hurt insignificant when it comes your way. Over and over, God has taught me not to put my whole trust in people by making me experience things I cannot tell you. The truth is after long time experiences, I have learnt a lot and I am now free from the hurts of promises and the future, because I know that, they are there and will always be there. The best solutions are, be ready for them, and learn not to put your whole heart neither in people nor things. Put your trust in God and He will make you to be more than abundant.

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