Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Do Not Leave Your Destiny in Others' Hands: Pursue the Greatness in You

Very often we do leave our destiny into the hands of others without knowing it. Many do this through indecision. Some do it through procrastination. What they never remember is procrastination is a killer of destiny. My dear, you have life, time, gifts, health and space. To have these things means that you have great opportunities. The truth is in every time and season there will be opportunities, because problems will never cease. I mean most of what many call problems are opportunities in disguise. If, this is true, then, I want to tell you that, a good opportunity rejected is success rejected. Dear, what you ought to always remember is your future is in your hands. God has given it to you'"your existence here is an ordinance. Well, if you need help from God and you ask him through prayer, He will be more than willing to help. But, if you do not ask, it means you are not authorising him to do so, and He will not interfere. Your future should not be left into the hand of anything or anyone besides God. This is because no one can fulfil your mission on earth for you. You only are ordained to do so. This means, you are the governor of your life. If you are the governor, you need therefore to be careful, not to go astray; else the results will not be beautiful. One truth is people we trust will let us down. However, someone's action should not stop us from living. Circumstances may go wrong'"I mean business may collapse, but that does not mean we have to go and hang ourselves. Life is full of lots of disappointments, and many types of chaff. These will come your way, remember. However, if they come, do not allow them to stop you from living fully the life and purpose given to you. I remember sometime ago, a company employed me and gave me lots of promises. Few months later, the man that made the promises left the company. However, before leaving he told me that I will get the necessary promotion when the time is due. For years nothing came. Seeing this I took my decision to go to elsewhere and live the life of my good and great dreams. If I had remained there, I would have been hoping in hopelessness. The truth is many will misjudge you. Many will spit on your legs because they think they are more human than you. Whatever they do, do not be bitter about it, instead let that challenge you to go further and become better. If someone denies you a job, instead of being bitter, think of creating your own company to prove to the person that all mankind were given abilities to be better. I have seen people who in the name of love have ended their lives in great mess and are living in depression. Look, I believe that, if the earth rejects me, heaven will never reject me. If someone hates me, there are millions that love me. That is empowerment. Knowing and having this truth in me makes me not to bother about the negative things that are trying to pull me down. I rather focus on the positive that challenges me to better in life. Look, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and decided to bring it to light for the benefit of all, Western Union told him that they are not interested in electronic toys. However, knowing what he has invented empowered him to pursue his search. He did that until he got those who saw the good of the invention. The question is, is western union not using telephone today? The fact that someone has rejected you or your idea does not mean that you need to give up. Never do that. In the face of adversity, pursue, and you will prove them wrong. Think about Colonel Sanders of KFC. When he wanted to bring KFC to light, hundreds rejected him, but today, KFC is a multimillion dollar company. What I believe is, if the tape rejects the cassette, it does not mean that the cassette is the one having the fault. The cassette can be good, but the tape is not. Often times, I have tried playing some DVDs on my machine, but the machine will tell me the DVD is empty. The truth is not that the DVD is empty. The truth is that, the player is too archaic and limited to read the truth. Sadly, many people that you see do not see beyond their nose. Look, Jesus was rejected by his own people. Does the rejection mean that He was not the saviour? The truth is though they saw the great things He was doing; short-sightedness prevented them from seeing the real. Your life is yours, and your future is very important. Please, do not allow circumstances, issues, offences, hurts to cripple you from living fully to the glory of God. Be responsible for your destiny. Never settle for the less, because you are not little. God created you to have dominion over the earth, not over little things'"be your best and do your best to go in for greatness. Look, I know one thing about you'"it is that you are a master of the things God has created'"you are greater than you think. Dear, you can make it, so do not leave your destiny into the hands of past failures, circumstances, and continue lamenting. Arise from the lamenting place, be at peace and pursue the greatness that is in you till it shows forth. Being an African, I have seen people who were born and were not catered for, yet they became great in life. The truth is help or no help lets make our mind to make to the top. We have the abilities and the capabilities, so let's act. God is ready to help, and has spoken that nature should help you. Success is calling, please respond, now.

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