Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Essential Qualities of Effective Leadership

Leaders require being in every sphere of human endeavour. Though the spheres may differ and the details may differ, some basic qualities are common. The lack of these qualities will result in ineffectiveness. Conviction and full persuasion about the whole business of and under the leadership is the first essential quality. Many organisations are over today, because those at the helm of affairs have no persuasion about who they are. One can know my effective leadership by how many obstacles and oppositions I overcome. Besides, having the courage to move despite opposition are the hallmarks of effective leadership. To become an effective leader several qualities are essential. Some of these qualities are solid conviction, submerging compassion and steadfast courage. To me leading people is a call. This means that I have to prepare for eventualities, which will enable me to serve better. This is because; not having these thoughts can get me to get lost in the forest of leadership. It can also derail my abilities and focus which will eventually make me to fail. The comprehension of the term or word leadership is not clear to many people, especially African leaders. Not having these, understandings within their minds do make many to go off from the lane. Instead of they becoming servant-leaders they choose to be autocratic and despots which is contrary. In reality, the word leadership is a great title. In real sense, every title is a position linked with purpose. If the position fails to hit the purpose, it is great disaster. Since leadership is a title. I have developed and acronym with the word "title" to help me in leadership. The "T" in the word title teaches me how to be true to my talent, organisation, and myself. Secondly, the "I" tell me to be initiative and intuitive. Thirdly, the "T" tell me to teach others, talk less and think about tomorrow. Fourthly, the "L" teaches me to lead with all my heart, learn and listen with all my all, whilst the "E" teaches me to excel.

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