Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Getting the power

Lots of Christians do go to the other side looking for power. The question is, ‘has God changed?’ God has not changed. We are the one rather who are doing the wrong things. The bitter truth is, although prayer is good, we cannot get the power through prayer alone. In fact, the key to the power is relationship. How are we related to God?
When God wanted to destroy Sodom, He never does it till He told Abraham His friend. When Jesus wanted to let the world know what is ahead, He revealed all the information to John the beloved. Psalm 91 teaches us the benefits of dwelling in His presence alone. If dwelling in His presence alone yields these results, then being in deeper relationship with him will enable us pull all the desired power without asking.
When I was young I did read lots of books. My discovery was that, in talismanic magic, the practiser draws power from talisman through meditation. Also, in elemental magic, the practiser draws power from elements through meditation—earth, water, air, trees, stones, created things of God, etc. If this is done by those on the other side who copy; then we who know God through Jesus Christ can obtain power to do God’s work by doing simple things—prayer, fasting and meditation.
The unknown truth is, meditating upon God’s word and God’s Names brings power beyond comprehension. Remember, in the prayer that Jesus Christ taught us, He thought us to hallow the name of God. Do you think the Lord will tell us to do this, if it does not bring any benefit? Besides, God Himself told Joshua to meditate upon the Word in Joshua 1:8 and he will prosper. If it is not true, God will not have told Joshua.
So, the power is in our hands. What we need to do is to activate the power by doing what is right—relate to God rightly, meditate upon the Word and His name, pray and fast as well. If we do this, there is a sure guarantee of the power beyond measure in our lives.
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