Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to Be Seen

Identifying a white cloth among red clothes can be very easy. When snow finishes falling, and everywhere is white, it is easy to spot many things at distance. Making a difference in life or standing out of the crowd is easy. Look at the ant, it is small, however its industrious character has made great people to notice it. The serpent is well known for its wisdom, a parrot is known for its beauty and talks, a lion is known for its courage, light can easily be known in darkness. It is easy to stand out wherever we are. There are two things that can make us to stand out-vices and virtues. The latter is bad, and the former is good. Virtues promote and promises people a better future, but vices demote and hinder people from getting far. Which one do you prefer? I know you will prefer virtues. Whatever virtues that you have, write them down, and make sure to use them. They are keys of leadership and wonder promotion. Inside each one of us are virtues that makes us unique; and if we polish these virtues and use them we will enjoy life everywhere we go. To help us also, we need to try as mush as we can to add more to the virtues we have. In Zig Ziglar's recording of "over the top", Zig did talk about his granddaughter's pay increase in one of the fast food industries. He said, when the young girl got the job, he told her that when she goes there, she must try and do whatever is needed to be done without waiting for someone to tell her. The young girl on her first day did that. The attitude of the girl pleased the manager, and made him to give her a starting salary that they usually never give to anyone. The truth is, it does not require so much to make a difference or create a difference wherever you are. However, it takes much to maintain it; and less to destroy it. So, as we make our minds to make difference using our virtues, we need to watch out. To make a difference all that we require is to make our mind, and start it from where we are. For example, if all the people around you love gossiping, you can keep your mouth shut-that is difference. If someone insults you, leave the mad person to go away-that is making a difference. Making a difference is not about shouting. It is about standing out for good, justice, peace and love wherever you find yourself. More than 2000 years ago, in an era when evil was flourishing in Israel came a man known as Jesus. He came to preach the gospel of peace and salvation with courage. His words and good deeds made him to stand out among the mass. Today, though He is not here, His difference can be seen felt and remembered. Had it not been His gospel, I may not be here writing. My dear, life is short, yet even in the short time that you have, you can do something significantly with the virtues you have in you. We are waiting for you.

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