Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to Win Minds and Hearts

The Lord Jesus had a humble beginning, but by the time He died His influence was all over. What was His secret? The bible says he went everywhere doing good. He was kind, nice, gentle and good. Besides, He had great interest in the needs of people. In fact, His goal everyday was to add value to people's lives. King Solomon's influence was not because he was a king. What made him had great influence was his wisdom. To be a man or woman of influence does not require much. What it requires are things we often overlook. •1. Humility •2. Kindness and love •3. Patience with people in odd times •4. Wisdom •5. Forgiveness •6. Love •7. Faithfulness
There was an African who went on a missionary journey in Philippines. One day, he visited a friend of his in the UK. When he was returning to the Philipines, his friend gave him some amount of money as a help. This man used half of the money to buy some few boxes of chocolate. When his friend asked him what he was going to with the boxes, he replied that they are for members of his church. He said, these are small, but to my members it is a great thing. The man did what he did, just to let members of his church know that he thinks about them. Think about the birthday cards we receive. It is not the cost that counts, but it is the love that is behind the card. Think about this, why do many buy flowers for their lovers occasionally? It shows love, it makes the relationship stronger.
The truth is to influence is very simple. All that is required is humility. Many of us are often not willing to bend, because we think that bending means loosing dignity-this is not true. It is those that are wiling to bend that will receive the crown of greatness of nature. You have heard about Nelson Mandela. Read about him and you will understand what I am saying. You can be a person of influence if you follow the few points above.

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