Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Live This Life that You Have

If power or authority is given to you and you refuse to use it, that power will eventually be wasted and become worthless. I use to be a good player of football when I was young. Playing the game, I had lots of injuries that scared me from playing football again. Today, I do not know how to kick a ball. In life there are many people who are supposed to be players, but most of them have become spectators because of one reason or the other. By becoming spectators instead players, many have lost their skills through resting and warming benches. In fact, there is more joy and gain in playing than watching. One truth is, players are there to gain, and spectators are there to loose-loose their money thereby making players rich. My friend, being a player pays much for the body and financially. So, it is better to join the players instead of joining the spectators of life. Whatever thing that wants to prevent you from playing should be discarded. This is because, there are bumps everywhere. We can get wounded in the air, in the waters, at home and on the field. There is no escape. So, please encourage yourself and be out there to play instead of hiding or dodging. Dear, your life is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to play greatly and skilfully. Refusing to play where you ought to play is giving your authority away. In fact, it is like making mockery of your potential. I have seen lots of people who have failed in life because they gave their authority and opportunity away through trusting and over dependence on others. This ought not to be so. Look, your dream was given to you and you only-that is why nobody sees it, but you. It was given to you to make it a reality; and no one can make it more real than you. So, you need to use all the available resources, encourage yourself and go ahead to materialise that good dream in you. Please, do not try to leave it into other people's hands. If you do, the dream may not live, and the results will be a great regret. So, dear, use the available resources and live this life. In fact, you have many resources available and can still get more. Think about your experiences, knowledge, preparation, people, time, space, etc. All of them are available resources that exist for you. Think also of other resources that are available and use them to live this life in your hand now.

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