Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Move Ahead

See not what is, see what can be, and it will be Space has no limit It is those that stay in it that put barriers on others and themselves. See not the threat, see the treatments Let your mess be a message Let your defeat become victories Let your trials became triumph Let your troubles become stories, books and songs for a change in this world Let your woes become abundant wells of water. Arise, and continue on; Keeping on keeping on Take confidence in past victories and move Generate energy from past greatness, keep on keep on. Turn not back; go on, there are victories ahead What is, and what has been cannot determine your future-keep on. You have a purpose, not until that purpose and seed unfolds, rest not in the war of life. None can do you harm or evil See the stars, not the ground. Stumbling blocks of the enemies of life will be stepping stones for you, Keep on. Keep on, keeping on Life is like battle, be like a soldier in all things. Life is like digging a well of water with manual tools; Getting to the water table needs hard struggle for weeks. Not so easy will it be, keep on keeping on There will be rocks and stones Take courage and go, abundance awaits you there. Keep on keeping on, look not back or around, keep on! Keep on firing; on and on Keep on, there are victories to be won.

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