Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Planning Ahead of Time

This morning, I went to my insurance company to pay the insurance for my car. Before going, I did ensure to count the money I was taking to them, because there were lots of coins in it (60 Euros coins). When I got to the office and gave the money to the clerk, she told me that the money was not sufficient after counting it three times. Well, knowing that it was sufficient made to prove her wrong. I told her to give me the money, so that we can do the counting together. Systematically, I counted the money to her satisfaction. She then thanked me, and gave me my insurance. Well the truth is, I did had the confidence to prove her wrong, because I did my home work very well to count the money several times before taking it with me to the office. Secondly, I did have the courage to prove her that I am right because of the knowledge that the money was up to the amount. Bringing this home, what I mean to say is, planning and preparation for the future are some of the great keys to success. They make us to be courageous, confident and bold where others are shivering. Think about driving a car. If you have never driven a car before and a car is given to you to drive, you will shiver. However, if you know how to drive, you will drive the car with smile and courage. This means it is good to think and out-think in life if we want to become great over-comers. The secret is, we cannot do good nor better without planning ahead. I hope this may help in these hot times. Shalom.

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