Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Secret to Getting What We Want

The first "U" is Urgent, and the second "U" is Using. So our discussion is URGENTLY USE what you have to get what you want. God created us with a body. Each body has its use. The hand is used for multi-disciplinary activities like writing, eating, driving and… Our mind is used to think and reason, our eye is used to see, our ear to hear and …. This implies that whatever we have is given to us for a particular purpose, and we must use it without thinking of the barriers, without fearing any human being. To some of us, God has given us the mouth to talk and convince others, sing etc. To others, he has given the ability to write and write beyond comprehension. The question is, are you using what you have? I mean the certificates you have earned at school, the skills you have and those great talents in you. Are you allowing them to get wasted due to human barriers like bureaucracy which I call bureaucrazy. One secret is, if we fail to use what we have at its right place, we will fail and miss it. I believe you know Psalm 1 verse 3; the bible says, a tree planted by the river side shall be ever-green (mine English).This is true. But, do you know something, if a tree refuses to extend its roots into the soil and tap water it will die. If a tree uses its roots, we also must use what we have to get what we want. Let me tell you a story about the tortoise. The tortoise is the animal that has more qualifications (diplomas, degrees) than all the others on its back, yet it is poor. Yes, it is because it is not using what it has to get what it wanted. On the other, the lion is a king not because of its hugeness, beauty, but because of its intelligence. My dear great one in Christ, you are going to be great if you use what have. When you use what you have you will get what you want by God' s Grace. Jesus used bread to get bread from heaven. With nothing, we will get nothing. Let us use what we have, and we will get what we want in Jesus name.

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