Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The journey to a better and fruitful life

PPSA: In life, we need to have a PLAN. The PLAN must be PLANE, SIMPLE, and ACHIEVABLE(PPSA). Planning and planning well will always make us to have a vision. However, one clear thing to note is that, vision without knowledge is a blurred vision. Therefore, knowledge must precede every vision of ours as we go in life.
This knowledge which helps to shape vision is that which can transform to become wisdom to help you in your mission for he vision. For you to be successful in your mission, you need plan and break the mission down into goals, objectives and target them daily. These goals or objectives should be divided into two—short and long term. Whether short term or long term, the goal must be SMART( SIMPLE, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE or ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIME BOUND). The truth is, you will make it by God’s help.
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