Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thinking outside the box

Wisdom has great power, and helps a lot. What it does greatly besides the above list is it helps us to think outside the box is to see things differently. Nothing annoys in life as having yourself being blocked whilst making progress. This type of blockage is something we will come across, yet with wisdom; we can overcome and sail on. Look ignorance is a great enemy of man, and the only cure for ignorance is to get knowledge and wisdom, that is why we need wisdom. When wisdom comes to you and you obey it all the struggles will melt away. This is because the moment a problems tries to bring its head; wisdom will discern it and alert you to be prepared to solve it without tears. It will help you to avoid joining the Mary-go-round club. The bible says my people do suffer because of lack of knowledge. The bible says this, because many are closer to the truth, yet they do fail to dig it out and apply. Over the 38 years of my living on this planet, one of the things I have observed in the lives of people is that, people like to easily quit when they come against a block or blocks. This is what is making many marriages to fail all around. I have been in Italy for a while now. One thing I have noticed is that many immigrants who were once here have moved to other countries. For some, it was a good move, but, for many they have still landed in the mess that they were running from'"unprofessional jobs. Look, if I want to get one million dollars in a year; one thing I have to put in mind is that there are many strategies at arriving there. This means, if my first strategy fails, I need to search for another strategy. If that one also fails I need to get another. I need to do this continuously till I arrive at my desired target. The truth is, being a carpenter does not warrant me to treat everything as a wood'"to do that is madness. For example, if you give an iron and I try applying nails to it, I do not think that it will work. If it does not work, it means I have to change my how and what. The sad truth is, very often many people often do the same thing over and over, and yet do expect different results'"that is negative persistence. 2+2=4; so, if you want 4 and you write 3+0 the results will be wrong. When this happens, the first to look at is the "why". The why will make you to think deeper and find out which number will fit in the mathematics. The problem of many of the people of today is we do not like to direct questions to ourselves--we often like to direct it to others. This ought not to be so much so. In fact if we are to develop the habit of asking ourselves series of questions in a day and try solving them without any help, we will find solutions to many of our "how questions". To think outside the box means to develop the habit of using series of questions to find out answers to blocking problems. It also developing childlike spirit --the spirit of seeking and searching--why, when, which, where, what, Etc. Let me make this plain to you. The greatest thing that you went to school to learn is "how to answer the questions that life will throw at you." However, to answer these questions better, you need to ask yourself other stronger questions to provoke the answers. I was talking to you about many immigrants moving from Italy. You see, what I have noticed over the years is, the greatest obstacle of immigrants success in Italy is the language. If one is able to learn the language and learns it better, one can navigate through with ease. Another thing many immigrants fail to see and recognise is that succeeding in a territory that is not yours will always require you to have alliance with the land owners. I live in Italy, and if I want to open a business and succeed, the best way to success is to form a team with Italians among. If I dare try doing it alone, though I may succeed, the hurdles will not be pleasant. What I am saying is not theory, it is biblical. Look, God is God, and could have sent in Jesus without the involvement of any human being. However, being a wise God who knows the secrets of success, He made Jesus to come into the world in the form of a human being through Mary. Besides, when the children of God were going to conquer Jericho, they made sure to have someone from the nation to help them navigate through. Look, if I from Africa will like to do business in US, the best way will be to involve citizens of US in the business. This is what many immigrants never did. However, those who knew this principle and applied it have great businesses in Italy.

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