Wednesday, 10 April 2013


My reason for saying this is simple'""your potential is priceless. It can earn you things money can buy and things that money cannot buy." Your potential can earn you lots'"please use it. The truth is, for using your potential you will be honoured in time and eternity if it glorifies God. The best and only road to greatness is to use your God-given potentials. Look at what King Solomon once said: "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men (Proverbs 18 vs. 16)." Your potential can be turned into a product and earn you money. The potentials in us are great magnets. They can pull favour, love, money and peace of mind for us. What do people sell in shops? People sell products. The products that they sell are all derived from potentials of others. If you are a preacher, your preaching can be registered on CD, DVD for people to buy'"that can help you financially. The preaching can bless someone, encourage others to be better and that will earn you love and greatness (remember it is what give that can earn us greatness in life). For example, am a lover of words and am gifted in seeing things differently'"these are what i turn into books and articles. These same words can become messages on tapes, CDs, DVDs for those who need them to buy. In fact, the rewards for using our potentials are more than can be named. I do know that you have potential in. The truth is, now is the time to use it, not later. Am saying this because everything on earth is timed. Look, my notice is this, nature always give when needed. This means, your potential is needed in this time of ours'"that is why you are here now. Look, God made sure that Joseph was in Egypt before the famine. If Joseph had not been there, many could have perished. You are the next Joseph born to help interpret the dreams of others. Arise and do it, else many will suffer somewhere.

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