Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Work and Walk with Targets: The Power of Targeting

We all have desires, dreams, long term and short term (written and not). We do make choices everyday after simple and hard decisions. We do draw plans and strategies to achieve our goals and our dreams. These are very good. However, I will like to remember you of one powerful thing I have found helping--targeting. Targeting is a very great and powerful instrument'"it walks with focus. I believe you have heard about missiles several times. Missiles are dangerous. The reason why missiles are dangerous are, they work with target and never miss their target. When a missile is released to destroy a plane, the best help is to seek to destroy the missile else that plane will be brought down by the missile. Targeting shapes our daily acts, movements. Targeting enable us to be focused, and help us not to be derailed. Let me give you a simple example. I am a writer and speaker. For everything I write, I do have a target audience. The type audience will indicate the flow of the writing. If the audience are children it will mean I have write in simple and lovely language. The same thing applies to speaking. The truth is, if I refuse to mind the target, I will be off the road; and to be off the road will mean going into danger. Before an advertiser will write a copy, she or he has a target audience in mind. Before a journalist will write, she or he has an audience in mind. Radio stations and TV stations have their target audiences. Though they are there as if they are serving all, they have a particular group of people in mind. The truth is for any purpose you have in mind, the best way to achieving it is to target. Without developing the spirit of targeting it is true that you will achieve less. Few wonders benefits of targeting I am now typing a book out of mine notes. Yesterday, I told myself, "tomorrow I will type 20 pages". Though I am not a fast writer on the computer, I will make sure to achieve this target and I did. To me if I do achieve it, it means my strength is too small. So, having this in mind invigorates me to challenge myself. One of the things that target does is, it challenges and invoke your our inner buried capabilities. Also, it makes people to be running instead of crawling; aside it enables people to be able measure how strong they are. The truth is, to target means to positively pressure yourself for higher grounds. Targeting is the strategy that many industries and people use to get to where they are going. Try it and you will never regret. It helps you to achieve your goals in life.

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