Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Journey into Abundance

My wonderful quotes and ideas to motivate you

ü I know that you have placed your order in life, which is good. To ensure that you obtain your desired order, be patient, prayerful, positive, persistent and courageous.
ü Why do you think God should give you another month?
 What do you want it for?
ü Focus on essentials and leave the non-essentials. Your life dream is an essential. Television is not an essential.
 List what you want the month for, and when God gives it to you, you can use that time to accomplish the purpose.
ü To know more about you, look around you.
ü Competence breeds confidence, so always prepare before and action.
ü The fact that I do not see something does not mean the thing does not exist. To see some things require faith, skills and instruments.
ü To live and keep on succeeding, we need to be lively.
ü The truth that sets free are those that we hate and dislike.
ü If a man looses his value, that man is worthless, and deserves not to be on earth.
ü Competence breeds confidence, so always prepare before and action.
ü The fact that I do not see something does not mean the thing does not exist. To see some things require faith, skills and instruments.
ü Knowing what we are strong at in life is the beginning of greatness in life.
ü To be great, you must be very strong.
ü To convince yourself, you must talk to yourself in a persuasive way.
ü Hearing the word of God daily is convincing you for God and good.
ü The more we know and become wiser, the lesser our time is becoming. We do not need to know all or become the most wisest to achieve great things in life. Let’s take greater leaps using what we have in hand.
ü We can decide to abandon our dreams, but our dreams will never abandon us.
ü  Make required changes always. Else circumstances may push you to make bad decisions in the wrong time.
ü When we do that which we are supposed and ought to do, we will have great relief; if not we will have lots of stress.
ü You can never ascertain the worth or value of something till you take your time to know the thing.
ü The greatest lie is to lie to myself; and to do that is great foolishness.
ü The best ways to sowing and reaping is to remain positive, patience, prayerful and persistent.
ü To build an empire, it is always good to focus on the good materials, not those that are bad or go wrong. In farming, we do weed weeds; in relationship we need to see the good side of our partner, and in our jobs, we need to focus on the bright side. These can help us to persist and become winners. The opposite will lead to the other side.
ü Persistence is the best way for persuading the universe to give you way into the future.
ü If all around you is negative, do your best not to look at the negative; instead, focus on the better future you have in your mind.
ü The background philosophy (aware or unaware) of those that wants all things for free is; others own them a living.
ü Selfish attitudes often lead to disaster.
ü To be wealthy in all, without being wealthy in spirit and character is foolishnesses.
ü Progress without a pain indicates there is a laid platform.
ü Learning the good ways of life and threading on those ways leads to better life.
ü The best keys to connecting with people are willingness and selflessness.
ü To be better in life will require us to beat down our limiting barriers.
ü The greatest poisons and the fertilizers of our lives is our past.
ü Any person that believes in only what he sees cannot be said to be a great person.
ü Greatness in life comes through action, not words.
ü Passion is one of the keys to commitment and responsibility.
ü Having envy or jealousy towards someone does not bring any gain, but hurt. It does not make me to own the property of the person i envy or jealous.
ü Without patience, it is very easy to refuse to persist on our dreams.
ü Without people, no place or thing will ever be lively.
ü If the road is not clear, no one will like to travel on it. The same thing is with vision. If your vision is not clear, you will not trust it not dare go on to achieve the vision.
ü In life, always follow the narrow way--where  the few are.
ü If you can irritate the future with your purpose, the future will give you way to be fulfilled in life.
ü Travelling a road that you do not know the end can lead to disaster.
ü Time that does not profits our purpose is a wasted time.
ü To predict most outcomes only require common sense.
ü The truth is, nature does pay us for our actions. So, what are our actions?
ü Knowledge boosts imagination, so increase your knowledge and your imagination will grow.
ü To depend on salary is to limit yourself, however, to depend on profits and investments is increase abundance.
ü Success does knock on our days daily. The reason why many miss it is because they do not have the drive to pay the price for it.
ü To be your best in life, you must accept and love yourself.
ü To achieve greatness we must focus on essentials.
ü If you choose to imitate someone or be like him or her, you will miss your purpose.

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