Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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Know where you are going from the start
As people, we always need to see the end from the beginning. The truth is, we are not omniscience and we can never become omniscient. Life is full of accidents. However, we can overcome them if we use the capabilities God has given to us. It is the desire of God that we always look ahead when acting in anyway.
For example, if you want to become an engineer in the future, you will go in for courses that will lead you there—that is seeing ahead. If a woman knows that she is pregnant, she will start buying clothes for the baby to come. Doing this is seeing ahead.
The Lord Jesus knew where He was from, and knew where He was going at the age of twelve. This knowledge shaped His perspective and boosted His confidence—in fact He threaded on higher grounds.
People who do not know where they are going do waste lots of time on the road. Some also do end up giving up. However, those who know where they are going, never do that. This is because they do see the glory ahead from the beginning. Knowing and seeing the glory ahead boost them to move on despite the hurdles that may come.
Knowing where you are going will not make you to be afraid. It is just like the people who use boats to come to Europe. What motivates them is they know that when they get to Europe and obtain a job, their poverties will be erased.

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