Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Seeing the outcome from the start

4 times 4 is equal to sixteen. In fact, if you want 16 to be your result, you already know which numbers to bring together to give you 16. Similarly, to succeed in life does not require much thinking. What is required is “Common sense”. This is the reason why even those who did not get to college could become millionaires.
In fact, it is not the book-long that matters. It is applying the common wisdom at hand as the ants do to save their lives from hunger in winter that is important—we do not need all knowledge to live a better life.
Acting in anyway without first having full or partial knowledge of the out come can be disastrous in life. Although it is good to risk, our risks must be calculable and intelligent ones.
I have seen people who do spend more money than they earn; and, because of this, they are always in debt. Most of such people do end up thinking that it is their organizations that is not paying them enough. For people with such attitudes, no amount of money will be enough. In fact, if you give them a million today, do not be surprised that the money will be finished by the end of that same month. Besides, the sad story is, they will not be able to tell you what they exactly did with all the money. One of the reason for this is they do fail to plan, budget and balance needs and wants with the income at hand. This means, they did refuse to see the outcome from the beginning.
Not seeing an outcome of a thing from the beginning does not bring progress—it leads to accidents. In fact, it is like acting without thinking.
I know that none of us want to do things and regret. So, let’s always see the end from the start even if it is not all that clear to our eyes. Remember, before an airplane flies from Milan to Accra, Ghana, it always makes sure that the end is in order. If there is any problem at its destination, it will not take off. The common sense to help us succeed daily is all within our reach. Let’s use them.

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