Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The leaders’ character

Everyday I do shine my shoes and faces. It is equally good to shine my character too. Rudeness is a bad manner in life. It can drive people away from me. However, good characters are keys to attracting people.
Being a leader is to lead people and affairs. A manager is not there to manage people’s lives, but affairs of his organization. In the beginning of creation, God dumped the spirit of dominion in everyone. This is the kind of nature in humanity does not permit others to put us down. This character in humankind is that which leads to rebellion when someone presses her or him.
I as a leader have come to learn that, i can gain respect through what I give. This is what refers to as the golden rule is. It works miracles. I have decided to do to others what I want them to do to me. This means to love my team, appreciate them and encourage them. It also means that I should not put them down, criticise them nor insult them. This is because they are human being like me. Again, being their leader does not mean am better than they are.

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