Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Truths from Dr Mensah Otabil

God is starting a new process with Africa and it is expedient for us to position ourselves strategically in order to fulfil our destiny here on earth. We have to live by design. Living by design entails three (3) major areas. They include:
1. To take your life into God’s design. This implies that there is a bigger plan and purposes for our lives.
2. To pattern our lives in a deliberate way. This also means that we consciously choose to make decisions that enable us to pattern our lives after God’s design.
3. To become the best possible version of our lives.
It is refreshing to recognize that God want us to lift up our game to the highest level. We cannot live our lives fulfilling the lives of others. Our lives must be fulfilled to the maximum. We must be the best in all our endeavours. We can purposely and deliberately choose to become who we want to be in future. We have the choice. God is prepared to work in our lives, but we also have a role to play in order for our existence to be purposeful. Our gifts and talents must also be used to the fullest.
SOME LIFE PHILOSOPHIES Philosophy is simply an idea, attitude, beliefs, viewpoint, thinking etc.
1. Pre-destination: This philosophy implies that God has already decided what will happen. They belief that we are going through life because God has already pre-destined it.
2. Existentialism: They also have the notion that their lives is in their own hands. Nobody determines the way they should live. They take control of their own destiny. They control every outcome of their lives.
3. Fatalism: They belief that whatever will be will be as fate may have it. They are powerless in life. 4. Nihilism: This group of people has the belief that the end of man is death. Life has no meaning. They don’t seem to know the purpose for their existence. They discourage the effort of others. They don’t see value in life.
5. Christianity: This aspect is our main focus. “God works in us both to will and do His pleasure”. Whatever we do in life is very imperative. Our philosophy will determine how far we go in life. Although God has a plan for us, we invariably also have a role to play to make our life become meaningful. After life, there is Eternal life. Christians chooses words carefully. “We will be judged by our words”.
Jeremiah 18:7-10 1. Predictable future: What our future will become if nothing changes. 2. Prepared future: This is when changes occur. “Your future is a joint venture between God’s intentions and your choices”.
The power of imagination is an essential tool to use if we want to live our lives by design. Imagination is the faculty or process of forming new ideas, images, sensation or concepts in a moment when they are not present to the senses.
Note: Our imagination basically goes beyond our senses. Living by design starts from our imagination. We must not live on the dreams of our parents. Our dreams must be base d on our own imagination. Imagination will facilitate us to do the following:
• Originate new possibilities. • Re –arrange existing scenarios. • Plot out alternative courses of action. • Create a preferred future for our selves.

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