Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The enemy can use someone, something, or you to sabotage you.

This means, we need to be very watchful in life as we go. Remember, Samson was called to be a judge, but the enemy not wanting him to become the judge made Samson to focus on non-purpose fulfilling things. Instead of Samson organising the children of Israel together, he was on the lap of Delila thinking he had got love. In fact, Samson's enemy was himself. The enemy used his own desire  to make sure that he did not fulfil his purpose.

Bringing this home to Africa, one can see that the enemy has blinded able-bodies individuals who were supposed to be billioniares through innovation and entrepreneurship with  foolish greed to make them embezzle money belonging to others; and once they can get money through this channel, they will never think of doing the greater things they were created to do, and become who God created them to be--thus, ending up not getting fulfilled all the days of their lives.

If we want to fulfil the purposes for which God created us, we need to really examine our lives geniunely and see if what we are doing is in life with the Word of God and what God has written on our hearts as people. Aside, we need to stop copying people--trying to be like.....so and so.
If you spend your life becoming like someone, then who do you expect to become you?
Dear, you need to be you in both public and private--that is courage and the right path. We cannot pretend to love God on Sunday and then become pen thieves from Monday to Friday--that is deception--doing such is deceiving our self.

Please, let us examine our ways and change to fulfil the purpose for which God created us.

Friday, 11 April 2014






What is this?


It is a sound in nature.

Spring is singing and ringing its bells.


Its songs are ringing through the leaves of all plants

They are sing hello to mankind

And hallelujah to God.


If spring’s voice are heard through the leaves

 Then, need I sing beautiful songs, that will echo in now and eternity.





Peep, peep, peep, who are you?

Day dream or night dream?


I am the future peeping through your mind

Nurture me, nourish me, and help me grow to live in nature.


I will be grateful if you will; and, I make you great and greater

Life will also be grateful for your deed and never will you regret


But, if you reject me

You will regret and life will disgrace you.


Am your better future peeping

Help me grown and pump me out to live in nature.


Monday, 24 March 2014

My ideas

Like roses and orange trees, every success has thorns on it.

Don’t paint your pains. If you do, you will feel it more.

Principles are not cheap; maintain them when you get them.

If the road is smooth, you will speed up and get into an accident. Keep on slowly, yet gradual and you will graduate.

Think whilst there is time to think, and tomorrow will be yours as you act.

Like roses and orange trees, every success has thorns on it.

Don’t paint your pains. If you do, you will feel it more.

Principles are not cheap; maintain them when you get them.

If the road is smooth, you will speed up and get into an accident. Keep on slowly, yet gradual and you will graduate.

Think whilst there is time to think, and tomorrow will be yours as you act.

Hope and faith are that which make you to say nope to fear, failure and obstacles and go on to become great winner.

Our efforts are steps forward. Be strong and move on even in tough times.

How to get to your desired destination

“If my goals and continuous steps are not in agreement with where I want to be soon or tomorrow, then I am deceiving myself.”

If time is on my side, then the difference between where I am, and where I want to be are good and wise steps.

A police man caught a thief and decided to handcuff him, because he knew that the man may struggle with him and run away leaving him hurt. That is wisdom. This wisdom can be applied into many areas of our lives for good.

Look, when character becomes a culture, that character is like a thief. If you do not tie it down or handcuff it, it can cause you problems and make you to hurt yourself. For many people, they are not where they are because they are not able to tie down the wrong types of character and desires.

 People as a matter of fact want easy life, instant gratification and more. These sorts of characters becoming culture can hinder our progress. This means, the only way to freedom is to handcuff them if you really believe that you have a purpose and great goal to achieve.

Many military men do end up becoming successful in their field of endeavors after coming out of service. The secret is, they apply the disciplinary life learnt in the military to their personal lives. The discipline makes them to say no to the enemies of progress like laziness, lack of goals, lack of following purpose…etc.

In life, most people can make it if they tie themselves down. My personal research does reveal that many do not make it to where they desired to be because they took wrong courses and steps. Think about some African nations for example: they claim wanting progress and do say they are making progress, but, they are sleeping.

The truth is that, though they brag of wanting to do this and that, they do not take the right steps towards the achievements—in fact, the monies to be used for those achievements end up becoming properties of most of these braggers. These and more make Africa to end up becoming beggar and non-great achiever although it is supposed to.

Taking the wrong steps will always lead to a wrong place. Israel is in the Middle East—if I want to go to Israel, I must take my steps towards the east, and not towards the north.

Our lives can be better, and we can get there if we take wise and simple steps. However, if I take the wrong steps and wrong directions, there is a guarantee that, I will not end up where I desired to be.

Dear, let’s have clear and good goals and pursue them like a lion after its prey without hurting anyone along the way. I am saying this because, the Merciful God is also a God of judgment who will judge all in eternity. Blessings!!!!!!!

Friday, 21 March 2014

The independence of Africans

The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and many others did fight for the independence of Africa and got it, and not the independence of Africans. In fact, Africa can never be free until all or most Africans are independent.

This may sound foolish, but true. Africa is independent, but most of the people in it are not independent, hence Africa is always dependent though it claims to be independent.

Independence is a mindset. It is mindset that makes people to embrace responsibility and accountability. Independence is that which makes people to sacrifice to serve the needs of others as human beings. Independence is that which makes people not to take bribes from their fellow men, because they believe that they are people of integrity; and even, when they need extra money they know that their potentials can help them obtain the money without letting anyone suffer. Independence is that which makes a man to tell himself, “am wrong and need to correct myself”. Independence is that which makes people to see evil as evil and greed as greed and refuse to participate in it.

Independence is a lifestyle that makes people to innovate to help themselves and others even if it is small. Independence is that which says, “I will be self-reliant in smaller ways and grow to be self-reliant in bigger ways.

Many Africans are not independent; and without the being independent, Africa as a continent can never be independent. So, the real meaning of independence must be taught in all homes and schools until all become independent mentally. Africa cannot prosper with over dependence mentality. Please, let us change!!!!!




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