Friday, 21 March 2014

The independence of Africans

The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and many others did fight for the independence of Africa and got it, and not the independence of Africans. In fact, Africa can never be free until all or most Africans are independent.

This may sound foolish, but true. Africa is independent, but most of the people in it are not independent, hence Africa is always dependent though it claims to be independent.

Independence is a mindset. It is mindset that makes people to embrace responsibility and accountability. Independence is that which makes people to sacrifice to serve the needs of others as human beings. Independence is that which makes people not to take bribes from their fellow men, because they believe that they are people of integrity; and even, when they need extra money they know that their potentials can help them obtain the money without letting anyone suffer. Independence is that which makes a man to tell himself, “am wrong and need to correct myself”. Independence is that which makes people to see evil as evil and greed as greed and refuse to participate in it.

Independence is a lifestyle that makes people to innovate to help themselves and others even if it is small. Independence is that which says, “I will be self-reliant in smaller ways and grow to be self-reliant in bigger ways.

Many Africans are not independent; and without the being independent, Africa as a continent can never be independent. So, the real meaning of independence must be taught in all homes and schools until all become independent mentally. Africa cannot prosper with over dependence mentality. Please, let us change!!!!!



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