Friday, 11 April 2014






What is this?


It is a sound in nature.

Spring is singing and ringing its bells.


Its songs are ringing through the leaves of all plants

They are sing hello to mankind

And hallelujah to God.


If spring’s voice are heard through the leaves

 Then, need I sing beautiful songs, that will echo in now and eternity.





Peep, peep, peep, who are you?

Day dream or night dream?


I am the future peeping through your mind

Nurture me, nourish me, and help me grow to live in nature.


I will be grateful if you will; and, I make you great and greater

Life will also be grateful for your deed and never will you regret


But, if you reject me

You will regret and life will disgrace you.


Am your better future peeping

Help me grown and pump me out to live in nature.


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