Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The enemy can use someone, something, or you to sabotage you.

This means, we need to be very watchful in life as we go. Remember, Samson was called to be a judge, but the enemy not wanting him to become the judge made Samson to focus on non-purpose fulfilling things. Instead of Samson organising the children of Israel together, he was on the lap of Delila thinking he had got love. In fact, Samson's enemy was himself. The enemy used his own desire  to make sure that he did not fulfil his purpose.

Bringing this home to Africa, one can see that the enemy has blinded able-bodies individuals who were supposed to be billioniares through innovation and entrepreneurship with  foolish greed to make them embezzle money belonging to others; and once they can get money through this channel, they will never think of doing the greater things they were created to do, and become who God created them to be--thus, ending up not getting fulfilled all the days of their lives.

If we want to fulfil the purposes for which God created us, we need to really examine our lives geniunely and see if what we are doing is in life with the Word of God and what God has written on our hearts as people. Aside, we need to stop copying people--trying to be like.....so and so.
If you spend your life becoming like someone, then who do you expect to become you?
Dear, you need to be you in both public and private--that is courage and the right path. We cannot pretend to love God on Sunday and then become pen thieves from Monday to Friday--that is deception--doing such is deceiving our self.

Please, let us examine our ways and change to fulfil the purpose for which God created us.

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