Monday, 23 March 2015

Do you know how heaven calls you?

PhD is a title. It simply means, doctor in loving knowledge. The Ph stands for philosophy. This was derived from two words Philo (love) and Sofia (knowledge).
Dear, for being saved alone, heaven calls you the favourable and adorable. Remember, we were on the verge of perishing and the Lord came to save us.
When I was a kid, the first passages I memorised were psalm 23 and the prayer pattern that the Lord taught us. Few years later, I learned something from the book of Hebrews—no one takes this honour upon himself, but each one is called by God. I memorised this because it was written upon the ordination souvenir of one of my uncles who is a catholic priest.
Dear, the truth worth remembering always is that we are called into the fold by grace. Having this call means serving the king of our kingdom. For receiving the call and doing the service (laying down our lives for God and others), the other titles bestowed upon us are Ambassadors. Being ambassadors has made us to be qualified for heaven to call us HIS/HER EXCELLENCY. So, before heaven calls our name, ADORABLE, FAVOURABLE AND H.E is placed before our names. Not only that, the word HONOURABLE is also added to these titles as well, because being who we are is a honour. Remember, the greatest book says in the last verses of psalm 91 that God will honour us with long life (eternity) and salvation. What do you think about this dear?
Having these great titles and privileges, let me ask you a question. How do you call the Lord Jesus? Do you place LORD before His name or not?  Dear, the Lord is Lord and we always need to give him His due honour and use the world LORD before His name. It is time for many of us to stop saying Jesus without the title. God bless you.  

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