Monday, 23 March 2015

How to be free from sorrow

Our world is in a mess. Every attempt to fix things are creating lots of mess because our society of today lacks God, and do not want anything to do with God. In fact, man just wants to become God.
As society continues this way, life will get tougher and tougher, and peace will be wiped off from the face of the earth by acts of mankind. In fact, sorrows will increase and increase. The only solution to having peace is relying on God and trusting in Him. Besides, we that are Christians need to develop that bond as it was in the early churches (the home churches).
As things continue to go wayward, one thing we need to do is to completely set our focus on God. Without that, we will get weary and become weak in spirit.  What we need to always remember is that, all these things happening are part of the fulfilment of part.
There are certain sorrows we cannot avoid. For example, our beloved ones will die, get sick, etc. In the cases of deaths, we need to remind ourselves that these are part of life; and if the fellows are saved, we must be rest reassured that these persons are with the Lord and we will see them again—meaning we must take it as if the persons have travelled.
At times, we will have bad days because someone somewhere may not obey the will of God. The enemy too can engineer someone or others against us. It is because of such circumstances that the Lord taught us to pray to the Father for deliverance from evil and temptations.
One great thing that often leads us into sorrow is our desires. Our desire to achieve something or have something can lead us into deep sorrow. Think about a person wanting money and is playing the lottery without winning any. Think about someone promising us and failing us. Our desires to have and achieve are the great causes of sorrow. However, we need to remember, the Lord gave us advice in the earlier chapters of Matthew that the Lord who takes care of the plants is our caretaker; so, there is no need to worry to bring sorrow upon ourselves. This is not saying that we should be idle, or refuse to engage in what we are doing for living. Remember, the God of revelation is always there to inspire you with ideas as to what to do every time. So, as he reveals to our hearts, we need to be to obey and He will direct us as it is written in psalm 23.
The Apostles and friends of old went through tough times, but because of their focus on the Lord, what was happening to them made them not to shake. Paul the Apostle wrote to the churches even from prison. By that, Paul was saying, prison is meaningless—what is meaningful to me is the call of upon my life.
Lastly, but not the least, we need to consider the words of King Solomon and know that too much knowing leads to sorrow. This is to say that, often try and give your mind some rest in the Lord and focus on Him. Shalom.

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