Monday, 23 March 2015

How to remember your dreams

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Most of our dreams contain divine messages worth noting. However, often, we find it hard to interpret these dreams. The sad aspect is, many people do dream, yet cannot remember their dreams the following morning.
There are few reasons for this. The first can be sleeping late—people who sleep late will often find it hard to remember their dreams. Another thing is people who like turning all over will always find it hard to remember all or some of their dreams. The last thing is the manipulation of the enemy—Satan. Well, whatever it is, there are things one can do to remember their dreams gradually, and gradually remember all.

Do you know bay leaves? Boiling bay leaves (fresh or green), and drinking it before bed time for a week can help anyone to dream better and recollect their dreams without missing any. However, this leaves should not be taken beyond one week.
The second thing is; when you wake up, try to lie down quietly without moving and focus your attention in your spirit. Doing this can help you remember some fractions of your dreams. Whatever you remember, please, try to write it down. If you do this for about two months, all your dreams will come to live after waking up.
Lastly, with regards to the enemy’s operation, what we need to know is, prayer is the key. Besides, we need to command the enemy to flee and definitely, he will free.
God bless you.

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