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The power to prosper

The power to prosper
Psalm 23 vs. 1; 3 John 2

Prosperity is a promised and sure for the child of God. However, it is not automatic. There is a way and rules to prosperity.
God knowing this, told Joshua to be strong and courageous for several times before telling him that he will prosper if he keeps the laws of the book in his heart and mind (Joshua 1 vs. 2-8)
In verse 2, God told him to arise. The question, have you risen up for the assigned tasks given to you by God? Are we ready for the challenges attached to the chances that come our way? Are we ready for the oppositions attached to the opportunities? Are we ready to treat the threats?

The way to prosperity is not straight forward and simple as some may think. More than often, or breakthrough is always hidden in our enemies. This means that we need patience like Joseph. Most often, it is at critical point that our break through will come as in the life of Mordecai.
Be strong is the word of GOD to you and I, because the road may be stony and hazy that without care there will be failure which is not an inheritance of the child of God (2 Chronicles 15 vs. 7, 8).

Moses served someone before he prospered. David served his father and Saul before he became a king. May I tell you that your prosperity will come through serving someone and not yourself.
Jacob served his uncle Laban for 14 years before he got his heart desire, and started his journey into prosperity. However, his blessings overflow when he cleansed his way.

Prosperity or riches start from within and not without (3 John 2-5). It begins by being genuine in all affairs, and being part of the commonwealth of Israel (Matthew 6 vs. 33).
It requires that we apply the principles of 3 John 2-5. This means eliminating untruthfulness in every area of our life, being faithful and focused on God and whatever good we are doing. 
This means that we must forgive, eliminate pride (ego), lying, covetousness, lust, gossip (sipping other peoples blood spiritually) and anything that does not glorify God. This will lead us into peace from where ideas to prosper physically will flow like spring water.

When we eliminate all these from within us, we can then pray like Jabez and God will say, it is done (1 Chronicles 4 vs. 9-10). With this done, we can pry like the Psalmist in Psalms 118 vs. 25; 113 vs. 7; 115 vs. 15; 112 vs. 2, 3; and 109 vs. 28.

It is then that we can refer God to his promises as children, and not as slaves (Psalm 2 vs. 8-12; 8 vs. 6-9; Matthew 7 vs. 7 and John 14 vs. 12-15).
However, we should not forget the word of Psalm 2 vs. 10-12 which was also partly confirmed in proverbs 4 vs. 7-8.  

The use of the increase

A week to writing this piece, I sat down and later on told myself that, I am not being fair to God. The reason is because, after paying my tithe, the money I give to God as an offering on Sunday is an insult to Him compared to all his blessings and goodness upon me. I made and affirmation after repentance and told him that I will honour him with my best.

Very many people do not pay tithe in the house of God. If we are to obey the rule, tithe is not the only thing to give to God (Proverbs 3 vs. 9, 10).Remember; the proverbs were written before my great grandfather’s father. It was written by the most richest and the wisest man who ever lived upon the face of the earth when paper was not in existence.

You know, to build the kingdom of God requires money. If we in the church do not help, it means that the church should go to the world and borrow. This invites mockery and insult. Is that what we want? If not, then we must please help with all that we have.

You see, I am opportune to see the wonders of nature and beyond, and it tells me a lot .The tithe you have read about is not only biblical, but is part of the natural laws that the Holy Spirit placed before God created things.

Please, be patient and follow me carefully. Every human being has ten visible body outlets. However, some few days after birth, one closes up leaving us with nine outlets. That outlet which closes up is the abdomen which God used in feeding you when you were in the womb, and could not eat with the mouth.
The abdomen is God’s and the rest are yours (2eyes+2nostrils+2ears+ the anus and the sexual organ =9).
This number (9) is the number that 666 represent. 6+6+6=18. Since it is a man and not with his wife the mathematics will be 1+8=9. The question is, how many months does it take a woman to give birth to a child. The answer is 9. It is the number under which nothing can be hidden.

Dear, if you want peace, anytime you get money, please divide it into ten and set the first aside for God, and tell him this:

“Father, you fed me when I was in my mother’s womb for nine months. You protected me and my mother till the day I saw the sun and earth.
I am giving this to you because it belongs to you and nobody. Prosper me from your heart more than when I was in my mother’s womb and bless my parents too. Keep me safely in all situations and beyond.

Lord, let the blessings that follow obedience overflow in every area of my life.
Give me increase, favour as I move on, and let with walk with you till I come home.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Doing this and keeping on as God directs you in what to do and not will bring abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.

My dear, with this your cup will overflow, (Psalm 23 vs. 5; Proverbs 28 vs. 19; 20 vs. 13; 20 vs. 4; 13 vs. 11 10 vs. 22, 4).
The question is, what will you do with the overflow of your cup, wealth and blessings?
The answer is you must remember the needy and the poor. People who are not opportune like you and me.

The Master Jesus said in Matthew 5 vs. 7 that blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Doing this will let goodness, mercy and not evil to follow you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (your family is included as in the case of Abraham). And do not leave the house of God (Psalm 23 vs. 6).

My dear friend, if you have not accepted Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, please do, by telling Jesus to come into your life and you will see wonders and miracles.
Remember, we can get to somewhere through somebody. To get to heaven, we need passport, visa and map.
The map is the bible, and the visa and passport is Jesus.

If you look at the trees, they grow pointing to heaven like yourself. I tell you, heaven is real and that is where you must aim. I will be there and hope to see you there. Amen.


Making progress in life depends on so many factors, and the above is one of it. An individual who wants progress must allow those factors to be part of his or her own life if they mean to succeed. Think about obedience, discipline, humility, faithfulness and relationship for example. In this little book, am going to talk about some few of them in a way that will make you have fun as you continue with me, and I do pray that God will enrich your life through these.

Early 2005 I attended a conference that challenged me a lot. At the conference, the preacher wisely preached on the alphabets of progress, a message that I can help you obtain if you want. This message rang and rang in my ears like a baby and its mother. Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, PHD said that if we are willing to progress in life, we must always start with the first alphabet of progress which is A. A stands for the word ACCEPT.

He said, those wiling to progress must accept Jesus, others before himself or herself (yourself), and this gives us “JOY” where J is for Jesus, O for others and Y is for you.

Very many of us go through life gambling with what we have. Some of us go on grumbling, lamenting instead of focusing. They focus on non-essentials rather than essentials and by the time, they know it is already late for them to do what they were supposed to do. What a misery is it to waste life and talents that could have been of help to many?

To be able to make it in life, we all need to stay focused and faithful. These are the basic keys for achievers. Without focus, a car light or touch light cannot travel far. Think about somebody riding a bicycle or driving a car, if that person refuses to focus, he or she will be off the road or may run into another car or bicycle.

The same thing applies to life as well. It is therefore very important to have undiverted attention in whatever you want to do in this life. For example, in our world today people do complain that they do not hear the voice of God. The issue is that we are so busy and have focused our attention on materialistic things that when God speaks we do not understand. Friend of mine, diverted attention leads to failure.

Friend, what am trying to say is that, we should accept who we are without worries and give God the glory and He will glorify Himself in us. This is because; to make success in life depends on, first acceptance.

As the artist creates the image the way she wants to see it, so did God create us the way He want to see us. Beautiful or ugly as I am, one thing I know is that God created me and He loves me so much as His own image. Being black, short, white is not the issue. The issue is, I am saved and a son of God who created the universe.

Having this qualification gives me the liberty to be myself and own all the good things that my father provided for me at the beginning. However, this does not give me the guarantee to mess up with his word that he used to create all things. He is love as well as consuming fire.
 My loving one, any limitation you come across is self-imposed, and nobody’s imposition Psalm 8 and 2.

Let me tell you something funny, Satan does abuse some people’s lives because they do not know their identity in Jesus Christ. Who is Satan? Does he have earthly body? If he does not have earthly body, which implies that he has no passport or visas into your life and property. He is only an intruder.

 Do not allow him to take advantage of you. He is nobody. He is a vagabond. He has no home here on earth and in heaven as well. He is an intimidator. Be wise and sack him out of your premises in Jesus Name.

My loving one, you see, the problem is always with us and not God as some do say. We are the creators of our own hells and heavens as well as our failures and success’. Somebody said that we are what we think. You see, what we think become our attitude and action, our attitude and actions became our character, and our character becomes our future or destiny as some call it. The contract you sign in your mind will be permanent. What are you signing and writing there?

I have been living in Italy for more than six years now. My personal research has proved that the greatest barrier to black Immigrants in Italy is not racism. Although racism exists, the greatest problem as I see is the language. The language is the greatest barrier for many immigrants. Not knowing this, many have the mindset that it is racism, and thus they continue in mediocrity instead of heroism.

Although there are many opportunities in the system, some of them continue to circulate this odd information around instead of encouraging the young who are coming up.
Friend, you may have a similar problem in your life, and my key is, does not believe this. Counteract that by seeking the right information. When you obtain information, you will know what is around you and get rid if negative image that the world is trying to put on you.

 There are certain people in life who think that because they did not make it somewhere, other people too cannot make it. Many years ago, when I came to Italy, I was advised by my pastor’s wife by name Georgina that I should learn the language. In trying to do this, one evening, I met a man who told me that I should ignore the language because it is not important. My reply to him was, “dad, I cannot, because it will help me in the future.”

If I had allowed his voice to hinder me, I would have hindered my future. What I mean is, my first book was in Italian, and the counsel came from the director of the school. Though I had the dream, this woman propelled the dreams fulfilment. Her name is Luiza.

My dear friends, if you will like to make progress in life do not allow your image to sink, because people who sink die soon. They cannot swim. Allow that image and give it the energy to grow and fly without stepping on anyone.

To develop your image, you must reject self-pity and the past. Have you failed? That is the past. Once you are in Christ, remember that He has made you new and a son after his own image. Without rejecting your bitter past, you cannot do better in life. The only thing that it can do for you is you learn the better things out of them. Let them serve as experience and move on into the future ahead of you.

Progress in your life will always begin from where you are. Accept yourself and move on to achieving what you want. Make use of the available resources and people around you. God knows that you can and you surely can do that. Move on now! Think about Joseph in the bible, he discovered that his only hope was God and nobody.

Joseph saw God as his source and resource of progress and it became real to him. He decided to use his dreaming experience to help others, and God glorified Himself in that and made him to be free and king in a land where he was once a slave.

My loving friend, I have good news for you from my friend Isaiah. Can you please read Isaiah 52 vs., 2 and Isaiah 60 vs. 2 for me before we continue? God will bless you if you do that for me. Amen. The call of Isaiah to you is that you should wake up, after waking up, you need to arise and shine not as the stars as the world believe, but as the sun. You must make a difference because you are a daughter and son of God.


Never—do—wells in life are most often than not undisciplined people. Some, make fool of their lives till it is entirely late to amend and finally see others as enemies and end up dying in misery.
It takes discipline to stop watching television all the time and use your time to gain knowledge, pray, train children and volunteer for others. It takes discipline to stop procrastination. It takes discipline to wake up early to pray, study, go to work, or better your life. Someone can be born again, but, if the person is not disciplined enough that person will backslide.

It takes discipline to determine, decide, stop smoking, and avoid adultery or fornication. It takes discipline to stop back- biting, stealing etc. Esau, the brother of Jacob sold his birth-right because he lacks discipline; so did Samson lose his life because he had no discipline over his sexual desire. Have you not read about Joseph and Daniel? These were men of discipline—study their lives and you will see. God endowed Solomon with wisdom but because of lack of discipline it turned him into a word I will not like to use.

A continent like Africa is suffering and struggling because there is lack of discipline in the system. It is discipline that can help me to say no and maintain my words; or say yes and maintain it.
Discipline is what can help lives – to cut off much bills and help us save much in life. It is discipline that can help you climb higher. Most of the laziness is simply lack of discipline. Time will fail me, but think about it yourself and see the grain in the atom and you will never be the same.  
It takes discipline to get rich and maintain it. Many people are not who they are, who they had wanted to be and where they had wanted to be because they lack of self-discipline.

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