Thursday, 16 April 2015


Never—do—wells in life are most often than not undisciplined people. Some, make fool of their lives till it is entirely late to amend and finally see others as enemies and end up dying in misery.
It takes discipline to stop watching television all the time and use your time to gain knowledge, pray, train children and volunteer for others. It takes discipline to stop procrastination. It takes discipline to wake up early to pray, study, go to work, or better your life. Someone can be born again, but, if the person is not disciplined enough that person will backslide.

It takes discipline to determine, decide, stop smoking, and avoid adultery or fornication. It takes discipline to stop back- biting, stealing etc. Esau, the brother of Jacob sold his birth-right because he lacks discipline; so did Samson lose his life because he had no discipline over his sexual desire. Have you not read about Joseph and Daniel? These were men of discipline—study their lives and you will see. God endowed Solomon with wisdom but because of lack of discipline it turned him into a word I will not like to use.

A continent like Africa is suffering and struggling because there is lack of discipline in the system. It is discipline that can help me to say no and maintain my words; or say yes and maintain it.
Discipline is what can help lives – to cut off much bills and help us save much in life. It is discipline that can help you climb higher. Most of the laziness is simply lack of discipline. Time will fail me, but think about it yourself and see the grain in the atom and you will never be the same.  
It takes discipline to get rich and maintain it. Many people are not who they are, who they had wanted to be and where they had wanted to be because they lack of self-discipline.

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