Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why Jesus did go to the cross?

1.       Love
2.       Knowing that He can put down his life and gain it
3.       The glory ahead.

The glory the disciples saw made them to endure. If you know tha the end will be glorious and what you are doing is no sin, then, nothing and no one should stop you on the way. Words and actions of others may discourage you, but don’t give up. Hold on the truth and the promise, keep holding the dream. If you catch a bird, you need to hold the bird well. If you allow it to get out of your hand, it will fly and flee from you. The some is true to the promises of God and your dreams. Hold the dream. Do not leave it to wonder in your mind, else it will create doubts. When clouds come into the sky, our faith does tell us that inside it is water, and really it is. You dream is the clouds level of your reality. Never abundance it instead, holds it and work on to materialize it. Believe God, his truth and promise and it will be real and have our final rest. What I mean is, you will meet such time on every journey of life. However, one thing to remember is that stopping on the middle of the road entails lot of dangers. So, my dear, never quit though you may feel weak or dizzy. Keep on keeping on to the end and you will bless yourself and many others.

Problems, pain and people should not stop you from making progress.

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