Sunday, 12 April 2015


  1. If a mirror is dirty, no one likes it. On the other, when our air is polluted by dirty air with particles from somewhere, we all close our eyes not wanting the air—dirt’s to harm our eyes; if the air smells foul, we close our nose. Another point is, when water is not clear and pure to bath with, it becomes a problem talk less of drinking. The lesson is simply short, as we clean our rooms and bodies all the time and want the air and the atmosphere and even our water we drink to be clear, lets please clear our lives and character and be spotless. This is the greatest secret of living better and happier.

2. A farmer had a land that he sow on it seasonally, but do not give fertilizer to the land. In the initial sowings, the land gave the crops authority to yield much. However, when the land became exhausted nutritionally, the crops yielded little; and, when the farmer did nothing to correct the situation, further crops that he planted yielded nothing.

This parable, illustrates that many nations fail economically because the people in the nation do only think of what they want and can gain from their nation; and, not what they can give to their nation. Nations are lands. Lands are like women.
 If we want to gain from them, we must always give to them without ceasing. Giving to them is what empowers, energises and propel them to give. If we focus on getting from them without giving, they will cease to give and we will lose much.
 The late President Kennedy once said, “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."
The President was very right. We need to think about what we can give to our nations and not what our nation can give to us.”
  In life, if we want a relationship to be beneficial, we need to always think of what we can give to partners. This will often make the partner too to think of what she can also give; and prosper the relationship. The lesson is, our nations can prosper and be great if we give immensely to them. If we do not give to them, and only take from them, they will become impoverish, and become poor.

3.  God told Joshua to meditate upon the Word day and night. God meant, Joshua should absorb Jesus into Him and it will be well with him. · When the road is clear, travelling on it will be smooth; if not, it will be hard. Have a clear road in life or make one before travelling to help you. · Not all evil spirits are angels. Some evil spirits are human, because we too are spirits. He that does evil in life is an evil spirit. · Tomorrow is not mine; so, I live my life of today with great zeal, love and carefulness in wisdom. It is not titles that make us important or valuable. It is the good we give. Tomato is important because, it gives something valuable. This makes us spent money to buy it. ·
Not doing what is expected, is giving circumstances chances to buffet us sooner or later. For my fellow Ghanaians, think about the collapse of Melcom building without any earthquake or storm. Africans, we need to change our many of our mindsets. · Valueless thought is to think of myself only. Valuable thoughts are to think of others alongside myself. Even nature thinks about us and provide for us, so we need to think about ourselves. Without this we can get to anywhere in life. · Seeking to becoming a blessing unto others is the key to being blessed. The widow of Zarephath blessed Elijah and God blessed. Peter gave his boat, and got abundance. · Wanting to dominate others and not things and circumstances, is witchcraft.

When you create a system, you must make sure to make the system work, else it won’t by itself. A plan is a system--if the goals for fulfilling the plan is not followed, the plan will fail. Follow your plan and don’t give up till the end. · The world is shaped by our acts and words of ours . · Ignorance is an enemy of progress. · Poverty is an enemy of mankind. · An ignorant person is a weak person. · Betraying the trust of someone who trusted us is closing great doors of the future. · Our achievements makes us to become. · Not willing to sacrifice means not ready for the future. · It does not require greatness to do great things. ·

People cannot live above their understanding, knowledge and wisdom. So, help people to increase in knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and they will be changed and change their world. · The church is a platform to usher people into the kingdom and at the same time help those in the kingdom get equipped to spread the kingdom and conquer the world for God.
Please, think about this, and remember that PR means PROCESS before RESULTS. If you make it, RESULTS before PROCESS, you will deceive yourself.

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